Hero of Greece and beyond dies

Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor, the British author, scholar, and WWII Special Operations Executive (SOE) agent, who fought with the Cretan resistance during the German occupation, died aged 96, on June 10. ¬†Fermor’s extraordinary life is the stuff of legend; as a travel writer, classical scholar and undercover soldier in Crete in WWII, the author leavesContinue reading “Hero of Greece and beyond dies”

The bionic eye: turning science fiction into science fact

Efstratios (Stan) Skafidas doesn’t look like a professor, certainly not one drawn from the cliched stereotypes of that title. The suited Skafidas looks younger than his 40 years in Grattan Street’s academically-inclined Baretto cafe¬† in Melbourne, directly opposite the medical building of Melbourne University. With flecks of grey at the temples, at first glance thisContinue reading “The bionic eye: turning science fiction into science fact”